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Short one today…
March 15, 2008, 9:55 am
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Marcus Trescothick has basically confirmed that he will never play for The England again, after pulling out of Somerset’s pre-season tour to UAE with a recurrence of his stress related illness.

Tresco has always said, that if he can’t tour, he won’t make himself available for The England.

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end, my only friend, the end.

The England have performed reasonably well today, to put themselves 421 runs ahead.  Sadly, the top six have failed to get a hundred, again!!

Most of them got in, and got out again.  Shit heads.

And we now have just under two days to take 10 wickets, which on this pitch, shouldn’t be too difficult.

EXCEPT that Jimmy Anderson has fucked himself playing football, at the end of the days play!!

What the fuck are they doing playing football at the end of a days play, in the middle of a test match.

The only reason we won the 2005 ashes, was cos Glenn McGrath done himself on a ball, pre-test match.

Now we have to take 10 wickets, with three frontline bowlers.


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A death-wish perhaps.

Comment by Ottayan

Indeed. If he isn’t fit to bowl tomorrow, I’m gonna find him, and chop him up!

Comment by Suave

last time yuvi also got injured playing alternate sport…

if nz saves this test match they should go and thank that bastard whose idea was to play f@@ball…

Comment by straight point

Sounds like fun. Tell you what, you cut his throat and I’ll bake him into a pie.

Comment by Miss Field

The England now appear to be dropping catches again.

Comment by Miriam

luckily, Stuart Broad has brought his bowling with him today.

Comment by Miriam

Trescothick pulls out of tour to UAE.

Thats a good warm up for the winter summer.

Comment by J Rod

I saw a bit of the “warm-down” after the 3rd day, but sadly missed Jimmy’s injury.

A few observations though:

No matter how much he yelled, no-one passed it to Monty.

KP put in a lot of crunching tackles. Hopefully someone will teach him the rules one day, that the player must have the ball to be tacked.

Ambrose is spastic.

Broad knows all the fancy step-over type moves. Reminded me of C Ronaldo.

Comment by sportsfreak

Monty is a shocking footballer, as is Jimmy Anderson.
Broady’s got it all. A few more wickets would be nice, but he’s getting there.

The less said about KP the better.

Comment by Suave

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