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A new feature.. Friday Photo.
March 14, 2008, 2:55 pm
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Photo by Mark Lorch

End of the cricket season

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Is there a prize for making a ‘lovely day at Old Trafford’ joke? If so, you can stick your prize. Stick it, you hear!

Unless it’s cheese. We’ll accept cheese as a prize.

Comment by King Cricket

I’ve always got spare cheese for a prize, so you’re in luck King..

Comment by Suave

Hmmm, is that a “Weather Fail”, “Cricket Fail” or “Groundskeeper Fail”?

Comment by Mentalist


Mark Nicholas.

Comment by J Rod


Comment by John

Mentalist, I think we’ll call this a weather fail!

JRod, thanks for passing on a message from Dad. Can you tell him to bring me a present on his way home.

Glad you liked it John!

Comment by Suave

I heard he’s bringing you your own pet koala. But act surprised, k.

Comment by missfield

Monsieur, with this cheese you are really spoiling us.

Comment by King Cricket

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