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Anyone But England..
March 13, 2008, 2:14 pm
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My next book review, will be Anyone But England, an outsider looks at English Cricket, by Mike Marqusee.

Mike Marqusee describes himself as “deracinated New York Marxist Jew”.  As you may gather, the man is an American.  Although you shouldn’t let that get in the way of things.

Any man who can describe why cricket (watched worldwide) is so fascinating to so many, like this.. ” watching cricket there, I savoured the blend of the familiar and the exotic – though cricket everywhere, even on a wet weekday afternoon at the oval, is still to me exotic”

This was one of my birthday presents from the missus, and I started it this morning.

A very interesting book, if you want to learn more about the socio-political beginnings of Cricket.

It explores the game, from the beginning, when it was created by the feudal lords of the realm, up to 1994, when The England were smashed 4-1 in the 93-94 ashes.

This review could take a while, as it’s very in-depth, and requires a little more concentration, than a nicely written biography.

But it’s nice to challenge yourself from time to time, and this along with CLR James, beyond the boundary, are fine examples of proper analysis of cricket history.

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Speaking of the socio-political aspects of Cricket (and of Americans), did you know that America owes its existence to cricket?

Comment by A P Webster

That’s excellent.. I knew about Frederick getting hit, and dying of the related injuries, but a heavy roller, for a wicket!!

That’s classy.

Comment by Suave

I’ve got this at home but haven’t read it yet. Might do now, so that I can comment properly on the review. Mike Marqusee also wrote “War Minus the Shooting”, which I think I mentioned before.

Comment by Miriam

You did indeed Mims.. That’s on my list too..

It’s a very interesting book so far, although I do now have the urge to burn down Lords..

How queer..

Comment by Suave

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