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Good on “The England”
March 12, 2008, 9:44 am
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Harmison and Hoggard have both been dropped for the second test.  This is brilliant.

I’m not a huge fan of Jimmy Anderson, as you may have learned.   However, I really do think there needs to be a culling, after a performance as abject as the first test.

The two models will provide a bit of hunger to the bowling line up, and can’t be any worse than the two H’s. (I look forward to having this rammed back down my throat, when they prove to be just as shit).

Unfortunately, there is no change to the batting line up.

Shah continues to upset people, by his very presence.  He’s got to have been caught fucking one of the selectors wives, cos the boy has done nothing wrong, yet keeps being overlooked.

I would have dropped Strauss myself.  Collingwood shouldn’t be too far from the chopping block either, after scoring 2 off 50 balls.

The good news for The England, is that the pitch looks like a green top, which should suit our batting and bowling line up.

Let’s hope that we get a decent start, and can finally apply some pressure to the Kiwis, instead of wilting like a bunch of old flowers.

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Sorry mate, but bollocks to England.

How they can think droppping Hoggy after one bad game but only dropping Harmy after two years of rubbish is fair, I have no idea.

They are bastards.

Not just any sort of bastard.

But REAL bastards.

Comment by The Atheist

I am of a slightly differing opinion, I must say..

Hoggard didn’t look fit, he’s lost a fair bit of weight, which seems to have drained his strength.

He’s been told to prove his fitness and strength, and he’ll get a chance in Hamilton.

1/151 at a run rate of 4, is just shit.

I’m a cut-throat bastard, and I think if you have a bad game, you’re out.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re all bastards though.

Comment by Suave

What about KP, he didn’t have a good one.

Drop the saffer!

Comment by The Atheist

True enough, but Strauss would have to go first..

Comment by Suave

So, if The Don cloned himself, but decided to qualify for The England (which I don’t think is as unlikely as you think), and he got a pair on his first match, you would drop him forever?

Comment by The Atheist

Not forever no, but if they’re in a downward slump, as Hoggard and Harmison are.. (as well as Strauss, Vaughan, Pieterson), then they get dropped until their form returns.

Comment by Suave

I’m a cut-throat bastard, and I think if you have a bad game, you’re out. There wouldn’t be a side to represent England if this was the case.

I don’t think Hoggard should have been dropped as yet. They were looking for someone to blame and picked him. It’s not the answer.

Comment by Miss Field

He was poor though..

1/151 is shocking.

averages 41 with the ball in the last 12 matches.

Comment by Suave

At least he got 1.

You’re right, it’s terrible, but… hmm, I still have reservations.

Comment by Miss Field

Epic Fail by Vaughan as I was reading your post.

All aboard the fail boat.

Comment by Suave

32 is pretty good for Vaughany, isn’t it? You mustn’t expect too much from your fragile cap’n, he’s a delicate flower.

Comment by Miss Field

It was an absolute jaffer from Oram, but he does seem to play down the wrong line and hear the death rattle a LOT!

Comment by Suave

Fuck my old boots, now Cook’s gone too.

In strides KP….

Comment by Suave

You’re saved 😉

Comment by Miss Field

Although it was a corker from Oram to Vaughan, Vaughan’s textbook defensive position, held even while the bails were in the air, do make it look like an Epic Fail.

Comment by Miriam

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