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Epic Fail

I am now on a quest to find the ULTIMATE defensive shot with death rattle.. Here are a few more to the collection.

If you have a photo, that you think deserves to be added to the FAIL list, then please feel free to send them to me..

Yuvraj Singh

Walking down the wicket, playing over the top of the ball= EPIC FAIL

Sachin Tendulkar

Castled by Jimmy Anderson=EPIC FAIL

Younus Khan

No epic fail for Younus, this was a top delivery.

Ian Bell

Getting done by the Pidgin, only a fail.  Every one got done by the Pidgin.

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Yuvraj so far.

Comment by King Cricket

My thoughts entirely. Walking down the wicket, all billy big balls and getting castled, equals EPIC FAIL.

Like KP getting rib cracked by McGrath.

Comment by Suave


Comment by Miriam


Comment by Suave

WHY ARE WE SHOUTING? oh I started it didn’t I.

I was there for the Tendulkar Anderson castling. I was taking photos of every delivery but stopped just before this one.

Comment by Miriam

You did indeed!

It was a cracking delivery, and let’s hope that he can provide one or two of those tonight!

Comment by Suave

Brian Lara always looked solid in defensive whenever he got bowled out.

Comment by The Atheist

CAN WE ALSO GET SOME ahem ones where the batsman is shouldering arms. Always good for a chuckle.

Nice yorker at link above.

Comment by Mentalist

Mentalist, for you, I reckon this can happen!

I’ll wait til a quiet cricket day, and we’ll reveal all!

Comment by Suave

I know this is a stupid question, but re Sachin’s fail: How is it possible for off and leg stump to be knocked over but middle stump stay in place?

Comment by skchai

Skchai, sachin inside edged on to the legstump, which cannoned into the offstump..

Comment by Suave

Thank you Suave, you have restored my faith in the laws of physics.

Comment by skchai

Skchai, it’s a pleasure. One should always have faith in physics.

Comment by Suave

What crazy FAIL’s. I never knew there was so much fail in a game of baseball (lol, I fail) ;>)

Comment by Fail Funnies

[…] Ricky Ponting I had held out hope for hope for match saving Ricky of Manchester 2005, instead we got Ishant’s bítch Rick of Perth 2007. Well he scored some runs in the first test so he’s still in the clear.. but talking of EPIC FAILS: […]

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Here’s an EPIC FAIL from Ricky Ponting..

btw Suaveness, any chance of changing my link to I jumped on the wordpress train and gave blogger the arse 😉

Comment by mosesofoz

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