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March 10, 2008, 2:40 pm
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I getz a wikkit

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Woah there! You can’t roll over England at a canter.

Comment by The Atheist

Kyle Mills can..

He has an invisible horse, man!!

I’d roll them over with an invisible horse too.

unfortunately, all I have is an invisible Steve Harmison radar.

Comment by Suave

I actually lol’d.

Comment by miriam

Do you think this LOLcricket will eventaully be superceded by FAIL</a?-cricket?

The potential for pictures of English batsmen playing textbook defensive shots whilst their stumps career wildly through the air is seemingly limitless

Comment by A P Webster

A P, that’s genius… I may have to bring a little fail to the Republique.

Comment by Suave

“This… is… Sparta!”

Comment by Miss Field

Does that mean good? I’m an old fella now, not down with you krazy kidz

Comment by Suave

You haven’t seen 300? You should, it’s awesome. Show Teh Gris 😉

It just reminded me of this sort of expression

Comment by Miss Field

Ah, I get you!

Can’t say I’ve seen it yet. Might have to wait a few years before The Gris watches that!!

Comment by Suave

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