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I bally well told you so.
March 10, 2008, 10:23 am
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The England were rightly hammered..

Patrick Kidd wrote an interesting piece on run-rates, whilst the match was still in progress.. Read it here. Out of 13 innings with a run rate of 2.13 or less, The England have only won one of those matches.

Time to give that shit up…

New Zealand were excellent, and my danger man Kyle Mills, proved to be on the money. He now averages 25.58 with the ball, from 10 test matches.

Daniel Vettori proved to be an excellent attacking captain, declaring at 177-9, to give The England a sniff.

As the lovely Miriam, so often says “you’ve got to dare to lose, to win”.

We did nothing to deserve this win, it was an abject performance, from an undercooked side.

Stuart Broad has got to come in, in place of Harmison. There is no way that he can be any worse, and at least he’ll look hungry. Gormless, looked like he was waiting for the boys in the white coats, to come and take him back to his padded cell.
This is a man, that is seriously fucked in the head. I suggest he takes J Rod’s advice.

There were a few positives. I’ve stolen a couple from Miriam.. Miriam couldn’t think of three, but I’m feeling a little less cynical today.
Ambrose, looked good with the bat in the first innings. As did Collingwood.
The catching was outstanding, especially FEC cook.
No Run-outs.
Ryan Sidebottom.. Oxymoron has consistently looked like the best bowler for The England since his return, and to take a hat-trick (only the 11th Englishman to do so), should have given us a more of a chance.
Unfortunately he was let down by all of the other quicks.
Panesar bowled well in the second innings, but it should be remembered that NZ were trying for quick runs to force a declaration.

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Collingwood wasn’t that great. He has now had 2 innings of over 40 balls with a Strike Rate of less than 4 since the ODI series. I think there is an alien or a robot inside his body.

Why would you guys not consider playing Swann for the second test? Because there’s nothing surer than any potential sideways movement is currently being dried out of the pitch?

Or is that just too attacking?

Comment by sportsfreak

It’s a good call Sportsfreak.. If they are trying to make it spin friendly, then it’s got to be worth a go.

Comment by Suave

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