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Insomnia magically cured by new dose of test match cricket.
March 7, 2008, 9:31 am
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Is that the pavillion? Ooh it’s nice, I think I’ll give up now and have a nice rest.  Fancy it Wing Commander?

I didn’t see much of the game last night.

I was so fucking bored by lunch, that I went to bed and slept like a log.

Turgid, defensive cricket. Playing for a draw on day two and three, is just wrong!

It’s even rubbed off on KP, who hates batting slowly, nearly as much as I hate Matthew Hayden.

So, another day where batsmen have got in, and got out. J Rod writes about it quite beautifully here..

Collingwood needs to score big tomorrow, and custard boy needs to stay with him, because after that, we’re into the tail, and what a tail it is..

Vettori and Patel bowled very well today, good tight lines, and subtle variations. But they’re not doing anything special with the ball, so I struggle to see how you can’t score at more than 2 runs an over off them

I know historically we’ve always been shit at playing spin, but that’s normally against mystery spinners. The only mystery here, is why it’s taken 40 overs more to reach an almost identical score to NZ after day one.

How many more runs would ‘Straya, India or Sri Lanka have scored after that days play? Fucking loads more, I wager.

I hope the fuckers lose this test. They deserve to.

As you can probably tell, I’m angry again.

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Happy Birthday mate. Sorry i haven’t popped round lately. Will again now you guys are the only ones playind test’s.

Comment by Brad Griggs

No worries Big Man, and thanks!

Well we’ve got six in a row with NZ, which should be fun, especially the way we’re playing now!!

Comment by Suave

It’s sad and disappointing, because they could be so much better if they just took some damn risks. Even if they lost, they’d go down fighting, and that’s an admirable thing.

Comment by Miss Field

Aye lassy, that be true.

I’d rather go down in flames.

Comment by Suave

Miss Field, yes. I am always saying this, I know, but I’ll say it again: you have to dare to lose, to win. Gaaaah.

Comment by Miriam

So if this is collectively agreed upon, why the hell don’t they? What’s their logic? Do they think they’re saving face?

Comment by Miss Field

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