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Book Review. Supercat, The Authorised Biography of Clive Lloyd. Simon Lister.
March 5, 2008, 2:56 pm
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Suave’s first ever book review..

And a cricket one to boot..

Buy it here

Raise a glass, to the coolest cat in town!

First a word about the writer, Simon Lister. I think he has pulled together, a superb book, and his writing style is bang on.

He somehow manages to make a cricket biography, both detailed enough for your average anorak, and refreshing enough for any one with a passing interest in cricket or Clive Lloyd, to devour. A job well done.

Clive Lloyd was one of the first cricketers, I had a real hero worship for. His batting was both sublime and destructive. He could turn his arm over, when needed, and for such a big man, he was lightening in the field.

The man was also a great leader, a role model for anyone, no matter creed, caste, colour or religion, and a man who will be long remembered.

This is a man, who nearly lost his eyesight as a child; who was nearly paralysed after landing awkwardly whilst fielding, and came out of it all, as the best captain and one of the truly great cricketers, the West Indies has ever seen.

This book has restored my faith in the human race.

Simon Lister deals with the subjects of slavery and race, sensitively and thoughtfully. And at this juncture, I will re-produce a quote from the book, that has turned Suave from an angry little fuckstick, in to a loving human being.

“I Will sit down and talk to anybody over a drink, on any subject. If someone is racist, I see it as a triumph of the unintelligent. One thing I do know: I don’t have a racist bone in my body. And I will not compromist when it comes to racism. I dislike it intensely and will fight against it any time for a white guy or a black guy. That’s how I am. Cricket has done this to me because I’ve played when I’ve been the only black guy in the team; I’ve captained sides and been the only black man there. So it has taught me a lot, and I cannot be racist. I respect every colour, every class, every creed, every religion. I make no apology for that. The white guy, the black guy, the asian guy. We all have a right to feel prod of who we are
“I can’t change who I am. I am a person has never seen colour; I see human beings. Cut me and my blood will be the same colour as yours. I am a citizen of the world”.

This sums the man up beautifully, and makes me want to be a better person.

And one last quote, before I wrap up, to further show, the idealogy, and heart of a truly majestic human being.

“I think, to be happy, a man has to free his heart from hatred; he has to free his mind from worries; he has to live simply, give more and expect less…”

To show how this has affected my very soul, I present my homage to two men, who I no longer hate, dislike, detest or abhor.

I love you guys.  I am a citizen of the world!

Thank you Clive Lloyd.

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My favourite Lloyd quote is, “I’m not a good loser, because a good loser’s a loser.” An excellent philosophy.

Comment by David Barry

Clive Lloyd was the captain of a touring side that kicked over stumps, bowled beamers, ran into umpires and went on strike in the middle of a test.

Is that in the book?

Comment by Sportsfreak

I agree wholeheartedly David..

Sportsfreak, yes it does, and he says that it’s the one thing that he regrets most about his captaincy…
Although he does say that the barging thing was accidental.

Like the murphys, you kiwis are not bitter!

Comment by Suave

Not bitter, they had reason to be angry. But that series makes what has just gone on in Sydney look like a kindergarten spat.

It’s a blight on Lloyd’s career. Following the barging he sat at 1st slip with his arms folded.

Comment by Sportsfreak

I think Clive did let some strange behavior carry on unreprimanded. Kingston 1976 comes to mind. As do some of the Close-Edrich batterings that same year. But I agree, I wouldn’t hold it against him in the long run.

Comment by Samir Chopra


The forfeit has to be forfeited now, you’ve come to terms with your subconscious and admitted you heart Grazza and Haydos! Bloody hell! Now what??

Anyway, if he really lives by his words, he should rule the world, there aren’t enough people with that attitude in power.

If my book ever gets published, I’ll let you be the first to review it. But it’s not sensitive, thoughtful, or superb, so if/when the times comes, you’ll have to lower your standards.

Comment by Miss Field

Books, too many words.

Does Clive have a blog?

Comment by J rod

OK Miss Field, I’ll do my best.. I can be very lenient with the truth sometimes too..
So you can have the hardhitting book review, or the flouncy, yes it’s brilliant review!

J Rod, not that i’ve been able to find.
I’ll do a bolg post a week about cricket books, you can read the review, and pretend you’ve read them..

How does that sound!

Comment by Suave

I’d like to reserve a flouncy, yes it’s brilliant review. Cheers.

Comment by Miss Field

Sold, to the lady in the I heart the Barmy Army Union flag Tee-Shirt.

Comment by Suave

I have lots of cricket books. More book reviews please.

Comment by Miriam

I’m going to re-0read CLR James, beyond the boundary edge, and I’ll re-read Nasser & Richie Benauds biographies.
I’ve got an order on Amazon for some new cricket books too.

I’ll try to do one a week!

Comment by Suave

do you have
– war minus the shooting
– from Balham to Bollywood
– slogging the slavs
– penguins stopped play.

Comment by Miriam

Sold, to the lady in the I heart the Barmy Army Union flag Tee-Shirt.

I’m speechless. Oh no.

Comment by Miss Field

Good correct use of union flag not jack, Suave.

Comment by Miriam

I have penguins stopped play.
But not the other three..

I’ve just ordered, arm ball to zooter, Fatty Batter, Stiff Upper lips and baggy greens and Rain Men: Madness of cricket.

Comment by Suave

That’s your punishment Missy…

IF you lose, that’s what you wear!

Thank you mims, One knows that a Jack, is any flag that identifies a ship in some way!

Comment by Suave

That is inhumane. I thought all the cruelty has gone from your soul, or something. Anything else? And what ’bout you then?

Comment by Miss Field

I have ALL of those suave! I look forward to the virtual book-club.

War Minus the Shooting is about the 1996 World Cup. Worth reading, if for nothing else for the description of the Kenya-Windies match and Tariq Iqbal’s catch of Lara.

Balham-Bollywood is about the making of Lagaan.

Slogging the Slavs is a man who travels through Eastern Europe playing cricket.

Comment by Miriam

ps i’m a major book geek (as if this needed saying)

Comment by Miriam

I shall add those to my list!
As you can probably tell, ME TOO! I read at least two books a week!

Missy, I do it with love in my heart though!

You’ll have to think of a suitably bad one for me. Just be glad I didn’t make it a musical t-shirt

Comment by Suave

at least 2 books a week? are you the Stuart MacGill of the cricket blogging world or something.

Comment by Miriam

I think i’d do about the same number, yes.

i reckon he might be a little better in the legspinning dept. though!

Comment by Suave

Oh Miriam, you trapped him. Tell him you’re a geek, but hell, he confesses his geekiness, and then you smack him down!

Comment by Miss Field

Suave, who do you dislike most, South Africans, Australians, the French, or Other?

Comment by Miss Field

There’s nothing geeky about reading two books a week! Thank you very much.

I know I’m a geek. I write a cricket blog.

But I’m the coolest, suavest geek in London town..

Comment by Suave

I dislike nobody now.

I’ve rediscovered the love.

Comment by Suave

No that’s bollocks, the hate is there I know it is!

Ok. Which do you love the most… least? Oh go on, help me out here.

Comment by Miss Field

I didn’t mean to trap anyone and smack them down… I like the booky aspect of Stuart MacGill!

Comment by Miriam

Everybody, and no body.

You’ll get your chance to catch me out. I’m sure. The affects of this book will wear out shortly, and i’ll be a mean and moody muddy funkster.

Comment by Suave

Here’s to that Mims..

It should be celebrated.

Reading is a wonderful way to pass the time on tour.

The rest of the aussie team, were probably dribbling in the corner and hitting each other, or out shagging rotten tarts!

Comment by Suave

Really? I didn’t think anyone liked Stuey.

Hey, geeks are great, I’m not havin a go. And if either of you would like to borrow my fine collection of Ricky Ponting’s annual diaries, you’re most welcome!

Comment by Miss Field

Yeah, he’s back already.

Comment by Miss Field

To confirm: the BOOKY aspect is what I like. Oh, and the wine thing.

Comment by Miriam

Only Australians dislike Stuey..
It’s not blokey enough, to be posh, a wine lover and into reading books.

I’ll pass on the punter annuals, I finished reading that level of book in nursery school πŸ˜‰

Comment by Suave

Yeah tell me about it. I think I would be a better ghost writer than who he’s got. The editing is bad as well.

Poor me.

Comment by Miss Field

Offer your services to him, Missy..

I’ll review the book, with the flouncy, but brilliant.

Comment by Suave

Nah, he’d just think I was stalking him. And he might be right, but still, even stalkers deserve a chance.

Do you get Wolf Blass wine in the UK?

Comment by Miss Field

we certainly do get Wolf Blass wine here, yes.

Comment by Miriam

suave, like the cover and your cover story!

Comment by Naked Cricket

Everyone should stalk one cricketer. I haven’t decided who mine should be yet, but I’ll make a concerted effort, once the county season starts!

My GF & her friend drank two bottles last night.

I went for a nice bottle of ESB insteaad.

Thanks Naked fella…

Comment by Suave

Like your site and thanks for the grand review. Glad to be the first and glad you liked the book.
All best
Simon L

Comment by Simon Lister

Thanks Simon.

Lucky I wrote a good review, eh!! πŸ˜‰

A job well done, Mr Lister.

Comment by Suave

Do you get the awesome ads for Wolf Blass? They show them more when there’s rugby on. I love them!

Comment by Miss Field

Simon Lister! I’ve read the book and I really enjoyed it.

Comment by Miriam

[…] This review could take a while, as it’s very in-depth, and requires a little more concentration, than a nicely written biography. […]

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