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CB Series Finals- India Win!!!

The final CB Series thundered to a climax this week. I say “thundered”, I mean “trundled”. And I say “climax”, but I mean “sorry conclusion”.

India have won the second final, after another classy knock from Sachin pushed the game just beyond ‘Straya’s reach!

look mummy, i hitted past the monkey!

Gilchrist retired with a splutter, scoring just the 2.

Hogg retired even more meekly, by being dropped.  Fat tongued twat

HairWeave Ponting, will just be glad to see the back of the Indians, after enduring a terrible summer against them.

Praveen Kumar had another good game today, taking 4-46 .

Symonds gets down to some man-love!

Andrew Symonds, who is a bell end of considerable magnitude, decided to get fruity with a spectator.  Unfortunately, he didn’t fuck himself up, a la Terry Alderman, who dislocated a shoulder taking down a streaker.

He also fell to his best mate Bhaji for the second game in a row.  In one Harbajhan over, he removed both Hayden(run-out) and Symonds (LBW).

I ran myself out, as I’d heard there were orphans hanging around the car park, and I was hungry!

Hayden, what can I say about this man, that I haven’t said before?  After the debacle of offering to fight a 19yr old praying mantis,  he has shown himself to be a poltroon (my new favourite word) and a great big swaggering chump!

Is it any wonder, that CA administracrats want to get rid of the tri-series ODI’s.  They’ve lost the last two, after winning all the warm up games comfortably.

Let’s raise a glass, and sing CHAK DE INDIA!

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“poltroon”- a relative of “blistering blue barnacles”?

Comment by Ottayan


I actually didn’t know that Captain Haddock, had used the phrase. But man, I’ve got a world of insults at my fingertips now!

Thanks Ottayan!

Comment by Suave

Andrew Symonds locks must have got the boy all excited…the fellas probably self harming himself in the nick distraught at Andrews rejection of his obvious nakedness

Comment by the hillbilly

What surprises me, is that this fella thought running naked straight a predator, is a good idea!
Arnie only did it covered in mud, so that he could not be seen by his heat sensors!

this is where drunken streaker failed, and why he got the beatdown!

Comment by Suave

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