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The England, looking alright.
February 26, 2008, 1:32 pm
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The England, had a nice little knock about in the park, against the NZ Invitational XI.

They batted first, and reached 369 all out.

Some nice innings from Cook, Shah & Bell.

Cook scored 85 from 81 balls, so it must have been a belter of a pitch.

Wing Commander, showed what a useless twat he is, buy smacking his off stump with a bat.
Not in an angry way, like the West Indies did back in the 70’s, but a “look at me, I’m a St Trinians hockey player”, kind of way!

Wing Commander’s rather fetching in a skirt!

Vaughan looked sumptuous again, by all accounts, before getting out on 27.

Bell had a laugh and retired on 75. Shah scored 96 lovely runs, that were in no way wristy (no confirmation bias on this site, i’ll have you know!!), before trying to slog sweep for his century.

Then came the bowlers, who had the NZ XI in real trouble, at 26/5.  Hoggard looking like the best swing bowler in world cricket, Harmison took 2-41 off 10 overs, and even Jimmy Anderson, took wickets…

Although to be fair to the young fella, he has been better in tests this year.

My money is firmly on The England for this test series, and my XI is thus…

Broad (replaceable by Oh hairy one, if recovered in time)

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Er. I’m glad Matthew Hoggard’s back in it. Onya Matty.

Comment by Miss Field

I really didn’t need that photo today, but i’m glad you shared it anyway.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

Why so, Old bean?

Are you all SPENT!

Comment by Suave

Sumptuous, one of the finest words in the English language..

Me too, it’s man love for Matthew Hoggard in my house!

Comment by Suave

Come on. Let’s drop Harmy and replace him with another Hoggy.

It’s the only way.

Comment by The Atheist

how do we do it though? No-one has ever cloned a fast-medium out-swing bowler before.

Comment by Suave

How long has Ian Bell been around for now? And you’re still wanting to hide him down at number 6…

Without daring to make excuses, most of that NZ side have only played a handful of 1st class matches in the last year.

How, who captains the next invitational XI, hasn’t played one since March 2007.

Comment by sportsfreak

It’s not a case of hiding him.
He averages 58 at 6 from 16 innings.
at 3, he averages 35 from 23 innings.

Comment by Suave

there are just certain times sexy girls with hockey sticks are called for, and sometimes not.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

You raise an interesting point, Suave.

Should the ICC act to ban cloning? What if those bastard Australians dug up the Don and just made twenty copies? Surely, such a thing should not be allowed.

Comment by The Atheist

We could create a petition to rival J Rod’s…

ban clones of the don.

I don’t imagine too many people will be bothered if we tried to clone Andrew Strauss.

Comment by Suave

[…] Andrew Strauss looks as though he’ll play in the first test against New Zealand, after proving that he’s in the form of his life, by scoring 4 from 25. I can only hope that he fails against the Dunedin XI, and the selectors finally realise he’s FUCKING SHIT!!!! […]

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Cricket clones? Where can I place my order?

Do you think Don Bradman would be as good in today’s game as he was back then?

Comment by Miss Field

Of course he would..

He reckoned in todays game, he’d average 80 odd, rather than the 99.94 he did back in the black and white era.

Comment by Suave

He reckoned? How modest!

Yes yes I know he was a legend, but by all accounts he was quite a prick as well.

I wonder.

Comment by Miss Field

Jeff Thomson watched him batting in his seventies, and said he was good enough to play for australia then..

I cannot comment on whether or not he was a prick, but I doubt he could be anywhere near as bad at fuckhead hayden.

Comment by Suave

[…] bloody Strauss, failed miserably, […]

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