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Stanford 20/20 and my new favourite friend
February 26, 2008, 11:34 am
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I saw a fair bit of cricket this weekend, and I’m trying to catch up on it, as it enters my tiny little mind.

After all the hoohaa of the IPL last week, it was back to the big moneyed Texan, with the strange love for a game, that 99.99999 of his fellow compatriats have no idea exists.

The Stanford 20/20 finals took place at the weekend.

The final was between Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.

T&T, captained by the classy looking (although rarely productive), Darren Ganga. Jamaica were captained by the big fella, Chris Gayle.

One had a team of almighty sloggers, and 90mph bowlers.  One had a team of nudgers and nurdlers, and wiley spin bowlers.

Trinidad & Tobago won the toss and put Jamaica in to bat.

Strangely, Chris Gayle, the only player in history to score a T20 100, decided to keep himself in the pavillion.  From all accounts, since his injury in Saffer land, he’s been dog shit.

T&T opened with a pace bowler and a leggie.

It started off poorly for Jamaica, with Emrit taking a wicket with his second ball, Findlay going for a wild slog, and nicking behind, for an easy take for Ramdin.

Ganga went for a Martin Crowe, and Badree bowled the first four overs.  The leggie, who was reminiscent of Kumble (in style) bowled brilliantly, taking 1-12 off four overs.

Samuels looked shit and still managed to score 27.

But my new favourite fella is Dave Mohammed.

Look at me mummy, I did a poopie!

A left arm chinaman, who like The Atheist, is one cool motherfucker!

He took 4-20, and was top wicket taker for the tournament, taking 12 scalps in all.

His celebrations however, are what makes him my new favourite fella.

The first wicket, of Chris Gayle, got the spinner wiggling his hips, like a rude boy.

Then the took the wicket of Hyatt, who was done in the flight, and stranded about half way down the wicket..

Mohammed, took off his shoe, and pretended to make a phone call with it..
He later said that, this was him telling Hyatt to pick the phone up in the pavillion, as he wasn’t taking any further part.

He did a diving roll, with praise for his imaginary friend at the end.

He won a share of a million dollars, and also man of the match. Not a bad days work that.

Jamaica were bundled out for 91.

T&T bashed that off in 9 overs, for the loss of one wicket, and became a million dollars richer.

This was a good day to be a T&T fan!

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One million dollars?!?! That’s two houses! Imagine the possibilities.

And it wasn’t his imaginary friend he was praising, it was me.

Comment by Miss Field

Ah, well that’s grand then..

As long is it was not a non-existent being.

Comment by Suave

Not where I live it isn’t.

One million dollars is one reasonable house.

Comment by Suave

Are we talking US dollars? Lucky to get a reasonable house.

Comment by Miriam

Yeah well that’s what you get for living in London. No space and a huge mortgage to show for it! No sunshine either.

Comment by Miss Field

What are you talking about woman!!

We’ve had more sunshine in the last three weeks, than most of Australia!

Still cold, but I don’t mind cold and sunny days.

Comment by Suave

Aye Mims, US..

You’re right though.. The Average house price is over £400,000 for the first time now.


Comment by Suave

Cold and sunny days are cruel and deceptive. I don’t like them. But see I think 18 degrees is cold.

But people in England/London don’t earn significantly more than anywhere else, do they? Can they actually afford such prices or do they die in debt? I wonder what it’s like to live in London as someone who grew up there, because as an outsider it would only be a desirable place to live if I had so much cash I could dive Donald Duck-style into it. Otherwise I think it would just be depressing. It ate my money, and I was very cautious.

Comment by Miss Field

They do earn more in London, than the average Brit.

It’s something like a £100 a week higher average earnings in London, than anywhere else…

They do what most people do, invest in Property, sell up, and with the equity they invariably make, they move out to the sticks.

The reason most people come to London, is money is better for jobs. People are less judgmental (no one tries to beat you up for being different), and there’s a million more things to do, than anywhere else.

IT’s also the coolest city on the planet.

Comment by Suave

Yeah cos paying four pounds minimum for train travel is ultra cool! You’re either hugely biased or haven’t gone too far! I propose the former.

So all those samey reality TV show that England spits out and they air here… they’re all true.

Comment by Miss Field

I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Tina Russell

Comment by Tina Russell

Four pounds? Don’t be silly. Use an oyster card, and it’s way cheaper…
If you look at the size and scale of the underground, you’d understand why it costs so much to travel.

Get the bus, or like me, cycle.

I don’t watch reality TV, so can’t comment on that. But you’re living in a country that buys our shitty reality TV. What’s worse, making it, and selling it world wide, or just buying it?!

I’ve been about, don’t you worry about that kiddo, and the only cities close to it, that i’ve found so far, are Amsterdam and New York.

I’ve not been to Australia yet, but most of my aussie friends living here in London Town, agree that it’s either New York or London.

Comment by Suave

Stress less, I’m not having a go.

I wasn’t there long enough to make buying an Oyster card worthwhile. I think I can appreciate the underground system, and the enormity of the whole thing amazes me, but here it costs $7 to travel 90kms. For the cost of it, I think it could look better, but that’s privatisation for you.

And maybe if your Australian friends in London didn’t think it is as cool as you do, they wouldn’t live there.

Ah, and I don’t watch reality tv either, Lifestyle Channel ads seem to haunt me wherever I go.

Comment by Miss Field

I wish i could watch Suave riding a bike.

One of lifes great pleasures.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

Maybe he could ride a bike to the Oval when he’s wearing his I Love Graeme Smith shirt.

Comment by Miss Field

I’m not stressed, I’m having a wonderful day!

The problem here, is space. We have 10million people living in this city. So the number of people pushes the house prices up dramatically.

It is rather spiffing this place, though.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Comment by Suave

J rod, I don’t do Suave on a bike on work days..

I’m illuminated! Bright yellow coat, bright orange leggings.. It’s a strangely attractive look, if i do say so myself!

Comment by Suave

Ha, missy! I missed that one!

I don’t go to cricket on a bike. I don’t trust myself to cycle home safely, after a day of drinking!

Comment by Suave

Yeah, space, when you were in the USA did you go to Florida? The space there is a bit like the space we have here (although I haven’t been to Sydney).

On a smaller but still significant scale, 800 people are moving to WA every week because of the mining boom, so houses have doubled in price in the last few years. Sad for me.

No other way? That’s awesome. Go you.

Comment by Miss Field

No, but I’ve been out to up-state new york, which is scary, in how backwards it is.. I was amazed that the people in some of the villages there, have never seen black folk, and most had never met English people.

They were lovely, but looked like they came from a very small gene pool.

Ha, WA, is like the wild west.. Yeehaw, cowboy!

Comment by Suave

How insular! DisneyWorld was great because all I had to say when people couldn’t understand me was “Fish are friends, not food!” and they loved it. “Ohh you’re Orrstrayleean?! That’s orrsum!”

Ricky Ponting is from a small gene pool… could you tell?

Wild west, what what?!? Hmm.

Comment by Miss Field

That’s a quote from Finding Nemo, by the way, but I figured you know that as you have a small child.

Comment by Miss Field

Yeah, they do tend to get us english speakers confused..

I’ve never seen Finding Nemo, funnily enough.

I’m sure, I will however. At the moment, the little missy only watches “Story Makers” & “In The Night Garden”

Comment by Suave

I don’t know either of those. How old is she? Time for some Star Wars I’m sure!

You’ll just have to forgo your drinking on the day. It sounds perfect. Lycra and a Smithy shirt. On a bike. Lock your daughters up, girls!

Comment by Miss Field

They’re CBeebies programs, she’s 19months old, so still a bit young..

That’s good..

I’m up for that.. I’m sure I could find a way to make it work

Comment by Suave

Great, well that’s sorted then. Are you sure you don’t want to change your mind about the whole thing?

Comment by Miss Field

Why would I? The England will see me alright!

You should get the lycra ready, young lady!

Comment by Suave

Ahaha I was going to say, because my forfeit hasn’t even been mentioned so even you can see it’s a foregone conclusion. I was being nice!

I’m not riding to the WACA. And I’m not wearing lycra. For you it’s everyday wear. So I will wear jeans, my everyday wear!

Comment by Miss Field

I love London.

That is all.

Comment by Miriam

Nor am I riding, i will wear my lycra, but no bike…
I assumed it was the same punishment for both of us?

And Mims, that’s because you’re great.

Comment by Suave

Good on ya Miriam.

I was going to suggest you’d then be able to get merry at the pub in your lycra and Grazza shirt.

It could be the same, but I guess it doesn’t have to be. But… sure… lycra… *remembers what she wrote about Natalie Bassingthwaighte only hours ago*… ha. ha. haa.

Comment by Miss Field

I should have foreseen that would be the last comment. Ugh.

Comment by Miss Field

If Strange Texans are getting into may be it’s time for us to quit?

Comment by cricket magazine

That’s a very good point..

look what happened the last time a strange texan got involved in something worldwide!

Comment by Suave

Situation rectified.

I think strange Texan is a tautology.

Comment by Miss Field

A valid point, young lady!

what situation is rectified?

Comment by Suave

Er, about… wait, you’re trying to trick me!

Comment by Miss Field

Too clever for me, young lady!


Comment by Suave

Nearly got me there… meanie.

Comment by Miss Field

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