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Sri Lanka in “we’re shit in pyjamas”, shocker!

Hubba hubba hubba…  I hope she’s not shit in pyjamas.

(Miss Sri Lanka 2006, Jacqueline Fernandez

Bloody nora…

Sri lanka, are worse than everybody at one day cricket!!

How can a team with Jayawardene, King Kumar, Murali, Malinga & Vaas, be so poor in this series?

They seem to have lost the ability to bat, for any length of time. If King Kumar or Jayawardene fail, the whole team does.

Chamara Silva looked promising, Dilshan flatters to deceive, and the rest of them are shit.

Jayasuriya, come in now, your time is up.. Poor old benevolent Uncle, he should be put out to pasture now.

They just haven’t been able to keep up, with an unusually poor ‘Strayan side (although them damn aussies keep winning), and a fairly strong Indian side.

The yoofs in this Indian side, are coming on a real treat.. Ishant Sharma continues to look dangerous, taking four wickets today. Praveen Kumar also looks like a tidy bowler.

fast bowling, hardest game in the world, 30 years man and boy.

The slightly worrying thing for India, is what in hell has happened to Munaf Patel!!!!

I watched his first ever test match, against The England, and he ripped us apart, taking seven wickets..

He had good line and length, pace, swing, both normal and reverse, he had toe crushing yorkers, he probably had a massive schlong, the best looking girlfriend, and was really popular too!

But now, fuck my old boots, the fella is ugly as sin, has a tiny weener, no one likes him, he can’t bowl yorkers, or swing the ball.

Seeing as the Aliens left the Tasman Devil, Ponting, this weekend, I reckon they’ve found a new home

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Munaf has been scarred by a lot of bad PR. The fact that the so called legends in the commentary box ridicule him is an additional factor.

Comment by Ottayan

I bet she doesn’t have to crack out the hydrogen peroxide!

Yeah, I felt sorry for Sri Lanka today. They really might as well have gone sightseeing in Hobart. It was painful to watch, and I was just watching online text updates.

Comment by Miss Field

It is a shame. It does seem as if India have a way of destroying fast bowlers early on.. Pathan, luckily came back!

What you said, missy! (is that for bleaching hair?)

Well, they’ve got a nice trip to the Carribean, where they should be able to regain some morale, cos they’re shit!

Comment by Suave


Comment by Uncle J Rod

I thought you might enjoy that Jrod! They sure make em pretty in Sri Lanka.

Comment by Suave

they sure DO make em pretty in Sri Lanka.

Comment by Miriam

As you well know, Mims!

Here’s to Sri Lankan lovelies..

Comment by Suave

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