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Alastair Cook most certainly does not wear eye liner!!
February 19, 2008, 3:17 pm
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I recently created a post, which had a picture of Alastair Cook, for all the ladeez that search for him naked..

I got this response, which made me chuckle..

What the hell’s wrong with u people? What makes u think that he wears eye liner? There are a lot of people who have eyes like that!

So is this what you do during ur spare time? Spend ur time on the internet and write stuff making fun of people and all that? This is just garbage.

Shame on me for viewing this site!

I felt bad.

Then I felt super.

I moved on to feeling sarcastic..

Kerry is from Canada. She must love John Davison.

It seems I’ve upset people who were looking for naked pictures of FEC..


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I made the original “eyeliner at that age?” comment. Sorry Suave. Sorry Kerry. Sorry Laura. Sorry Alastair.

Comment by Miriam

I would tell ALL my friends about this place if you made it into a naked men blog.

I’m envious of you angry comments. You know, for all my many decades of blogging, no one once has left me an angry comment. Not once.

How do you do it, Suavey?

Comment by The Atheist

I’ll consider it, Atheist!

It comes naturally, it’s a gift!

I find all you need to do, is to slate Australians or Indians, and instant abuse is descended on you like rain coming down like railway spikes and hammers.

Comment by republiquecricket

Miriam, you have no need to sorry..

You can say what ever you like!

Comment by republiquecricket

I’m not punk, or emo (vomit), I’m really quite mainstream (is it uncool to admit that? meh), but I think a bit of eyeliner on some lads can look, er, hot.

Just so ya know.

I got anger within my first two weeks. Seems some Australians feel compelled to stand up for Shaun Tait… and Sally Robbins. Jeez.

Comment by Miss Field

I’ve worn it on a punk night..

Went down a storm!

Here’s to anger…

Comment by republiquecricket

You shouldn’t say things like that unless you’re prepared to back it up with photos.

Let me see if I google “eyeliner suave” if it brings me straight back here…

Ha, pretty much.

Comment by Miss Field

John Davison would probably wear eyeliner.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

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