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Ricky Schroder in “I’m not too shabby”, shocker.

Ricky Schroder, today showed that he certainly has more than one string to his bow!

I’ve taken a break from my successful acting career, to become a mean old quick!

Child star turned successful adult actor, is one thing, becoming an international quality bowler, who’s taken 36 wickets in 24 matches in ODI’s is another!

If only Macaulay Culkin had learned the art of fast bowling, instead of being enticed to fiddle with Michael Jacksons testicles!

The England have given themselves a chance in this series, thanks to a very good all-round performance.

Jimmy Anderson bowled pretty well today. (I reckon he’s been spurred on, by reading my scathing attacks on his recent form )

Dimi Danger Anus, did himself no favours, by bowling pies all day, and going wicketless again.. He’s actually making himself a case for 20/20 only.

Ian Bell, has avoided a certain hulk smashing, with a very nice knock today. He looked all set to go on for a big one, until the Pimp Ass Motherfucker decided to give him out LBW, from an inside edge.

I love the Rauf man, he’s cool. Today however, he had what can only be described as a “Bucknor”. Shit in almost every way. The one exception being his decision to give Pieterson out LBW. Bang on the money with that one, although the Saffer didn’t look happy.

Who comes next? Not silly colly fuckwad, but Paul Collingwood, Member of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, to put those pesky natives back in their place!

Admiral of The Fleet, Suave, has decided to leave the gunships where they are at the moment, but the Navy is on standby, in case we return to the “Shit in Pyjamas” days of yore.

Captain Collingwood, showed the mettle that earmarked him for a position in Suave’s Republican Army, with a terrific all-round display, taking 3/43 with his dibbly-dobbly’s, and a beautifully timed 70 from 50 balls, to win the third ODI, in this five match rubber.

Top stuff, old chap!

Suave salutes you.

New Zealand have two world class ODI players, and they showed it again today.

The Perfect Boyfriend Jacob Oram scored a cracking 88 from 91 balls, including 4 fours, and 4 sixes. His bowling wasn’t brilliant, but he still took 1-45.
Vettori with his ICC ODI Bowler of the year award.

Daniel Vettori had a near perfect day, and deserved better. There is a reason he’s the No1 ranked ODI bowler, and the 2-23 today, again proved his class. He also batted beautifully for 42 from 35 balls.

This should make the last two ODI’s very interesting!

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When I first glanced at that photo I thought they were women and I was going to commend you on forfeiting already.


Comment by Miss Field

I would quite happily take up that role though, especially as we bundled the ‘Strayans out for 154 today.

The England Womens team, are giving you a bashing at present.

Comment by republiquecricket

Bugger. Maybe I’ll get called up.

Comment by Miss Field

As this is the only game left in this series, I reckon you’re out of luck.

But next time!

Comment by republiquecricket

No mate, I’d say I’m in luck! You haven’t seen my bowling.

Comment by Miss Field

They got lucky today…thats all…did you see that yorker for SIX by ORAM…man those are some strong wrists…

Comment by UTP

They got lucky today…thats all…did you see that yorker for SIX by ORAM…man those are some strong wrists…

Comment by The Sporting Spirit

I haven’t seen it yet. I intend to watch it, when I get home!

My good friend JRod, at Cricket With Balls wrote a lovely piece about it earlier though.. Which has me salivating!

Comment by republiquecricket

Indians sure love their wrist work.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

Suave, you’re getting good at that linking thing. Far more patience than I.

By the way, what’s your credit card details?

Comment by The Atheist

I was bored on Friday, and had no real work to speak of, so had plenty of time..



Comment by republiquecricket

That’s my number!

Comment by Miss Field

Shit. We’ve been rumbled..
The England conspiracy is out in the open, Atheist.


Comment by republiquecricket

[…] score runs aplenty when he’s available, plus there will be occasional cameos from new signing Stuart ‘Ricky’ Broad. Negatives: Stephen Fleming’s captaincy skills will be missed, and there are a few concerns about […]

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