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Bye bye Fleming and other such gubbins
February 14, 2008, 11:12 am
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Had my first winter net of the season last night, so am aching in all sorts of strange places.. Every year, I forget how much it hurts to bowl for an hour and a half, and bat for twenty minutes.

It was the first time I’d picked up my bat in six months, and it felt like a railway sleeper. I was surprised at how easy it came back, and I was middling most balls. The sports hall we were playing in, had no bounce whatsoever, so it was quick and low, which is not something we have to face very often in the real world.

My bowling was OK. I’ll call them slow darts, as there was no spin from me at all. I seem to have lost my run up, which is strange, but I’m sure it will come back soon.

We now have a sports journalist from The Observer who’s joined The Midd. Kevin Mitchell is their Chief Sports Writer and boxing correspondent. He is a wily left arm orthodox spinner, with the odd chinaman thrown in.. Luckily for me, I was in first, and he hadn’t found his length, so I welcomed him with a battering.

I still can’t play off my legs.

Which is poor.

Enough of my shit.

What’s new in world cricket today!

Stephen Fleming has retired

Captain Fantastic

Fleming was a solid opening/no3 batsman, who always seemed as if his mind was elsewhere.

His average of almost 40, belies a real talent, and it really could, and should have been higher. This is a man who scored 43 fifties, but only ever went on to a hundred nine times. Admittedly three of those were double centuries, which make it all the more frustrating.

I remember a few years ago, watching him against Sri Lanka in Colombo, he was absolutely immense. It ended a draw, but I haven’t seen many better displays with the bat.

Fleming scored 274 in the first innings, and 69no in the second. It was a phenomenal effort, especially considering he was later to become Vaas’ bunny. (Vaas had him for a duck, four innings in a row)

The other strange thing about Fleming vs Sri Lanka, was that he averaged over 100 in Sri Lanka, but 33 at home, which is quite bewildering.

Stephen Fleming also proved to be an influential captain, with intelligence and grit. As captain, New Zealand won over a third of their matches. In winning tests, Fleming averaged over 50. Draws was just under 50, and in losing tests, he averaged 28. If Fleming fired, they didn’t lose.

Here’s to you Mr Fleming!

England Lions (Hedgehogs)

England Lions have lost their match with West Zone, in the Duleep Trophy.

By lost, I mean spanked viciously, like some S&M lusting freak.

Young Buck does good cricketings again.

Young Buck, Adil Rashid had a decent match, taking three wickets in the first innings, and his batting looked very good again. Ended 9no in the first innings, and scored 39 in the second (second highest scored).

I really do hope that he gets a good run with Yorkshire this year, as this fella, is looking more and more, like a proper leg-spinning all-rounder. Not your Cameron White, I can smash the ball around, and take the odd wicket, sort.

The Richie Benaud sort. Dangerous with both bat and ball at all times, whilst wearing a lego mans hair, and wearing bone sports jackets.

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Oh my goodness please change that picture of Captain Fantastic. It’s horrible!

Comment by Miss Field

It’s emotional.. The man’s on the verge of tears.

Comment by republiquecricket

But it’s not good! He looks like one of Peter Jackson’s monsters! It’s scaring me.

Comment by Miss Field

Ha, you poor little soul!!

Here’s another to cheer you up..

Comment by republiquecricket

Would you believe that photo made the front cover of our state’s one and only daily newspaper. A landslide in Asia could have killed 3000 people that day and we’d never have known.

Anyway, aside from the gorgeous and manly outfit he’s wearing there, it is a much better pic than the one you’ve put up. It actually looks like him.

Comment by Miss Field

I love his jacket though.. I don’t think I could make the trousers and shoes look suave though, that may be beyond my powers!

Comment by republiquecricket

The jacket looks like old man pyjamas! It’s a thousand times better than Glenn’s though.

God… the shoes. They must have felt like prime albeit well-paid dickheads.

Comment by Miss Field

The jacket is very colonial, it’s not unlike a proper old public school blazer..

Glenn McGrath looks like Aladdin. There’s a joke I could make here, but I won’t.

Comment by republiquecricket

Aladdin.. hmm… seek out the diamond in the rough.

Yes, that’s right, don’t.

Respect the Pigeon.

Comment by Miss Field

I think the jacket is nice.

Comment by Miriam

That’s because you have style, Miriam!

Comment by republiquecricket

Nice way of expressing things.


Comment by Anish

Thanks Anish.. One tries, 😉

Comment by republiquecricket

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