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Murali in “I’m shit against Australia”, shocker.
February 8, 2008, 9:50 am
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Unfortunately for me, Australian players have kryptonite bats.  SO NOT FAIR!

The enigma that is Muttiah Muralitharan

By Suave, Aged 31 11/12ths

Murali is a destroyer of batting orders in almost every country in the world.  The two major exceptions are India and Australia.

India is pretty easy to get a grasp on, as they play more spinners in all forms of cricket than any other nation on earth.  It’s the fast, short stuff that they struggle with. (although his ODI average only rises by 5, tests is 11)

Australia however seem to have his number.

Let’s look at the figures, statto types (for those who aren’t we can argue about shit later)

In ODI’s, Murali averages 22.78

In Australia, against the Aussies he averages 34.15 (not including todays game)

In Tests, Murali averages 21.77

In Straya, he averages a whopping 75.41, which is absolute shit!

Now I’ll look at his overall stats for playing Australia anywhere, which for the little wizard must be horrible to look at.

He averages 31.71 in ODI’s against the ‘strayans, anywhere in the world

In tests it gets a fair bit better for him, a reasonable average of 36.06.

This is true mental disintegration.

Has he lost the art of spinning the ball any which way he chooses, when he plays the aussies?  No.

Has he lost the heart, to play them?  Probably.

To see the way the man plays against England, is to see the most dangerous bowler in the world, putting the ball anywhere he likes and making good players, look like village idiots.

The same can be said for the Saffers and the Kiwis.

It’s a sad thing to see a wizard of world cricket reduced to merely competing in the toughest arena there is.

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Maybe its the eggs.

Comment by Uncle J rod

It’s tough to say exactly what goes wrong for Murali in Australia. In his first series in Australia, after he got called for throwing, David Boon was asked his opinion on the matter. He said that he didn’t care, since they’d hit him all round the park all day, just like they’d done in the previous Test.

You’d have thought that his record would have improved this summer, but he helped the Sri Lankans on their way to averaging over 100 with the ball, a record for any team in a series.

It’s not just because he’s playing Australia: against Australia in Sri Lanka he averages 26, which is higher than his career average, but still excellent against the best team in the world.

Offies don’t normally do well in Australia, but they’re not normally as bad as Murali. Saqlain averaged 35 in Tests in Australia.

Comment by David Barry

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