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Alastair Cook, Cosmopolitan Pictures.
February 7, 2008, 2:17 pm
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I give into popular requests.

As over half the hits to my blog, seem to be for pictures of FEC Cook, I will reveal them to the world, here and now!


I cut and pull ladeez, I also like to score big, while taking it slow!

I am not a naked picture of Alastair Cook.  Stop it please.

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Eyeliner even at that age?

Comment by Miriam

I used to be a chorister, I want to be a florist, yeah!

His favourite song, so I’ve heard.

Comment by republiquecricket

Maybe he was the one who brought about emo. Just another reason to dislike him. A lampshade hairstyle would suit him, especially for when he’s on the catwalk.

Comment by Miss Field

There’s no emotions there. Alastair cook, I suggest, IS A PROBOT!!

Comment by republiquecricket

Is that what’s in Yakult, because it would explain why I don’t like the stuff.

Comment by Miss Field

I think it is..

Who would want to drink something that contained the very essence of Mike Hussey, Paul Collingwood or Alastair Cook.

Comment by republiquecricket

What the hell’s wrong with u people? What makes u think that he wears eye liner? There are a lot of people who have eyes like that!

So is this what you do during ur spare time? Spend ur time on the internet and write stuff making fun of people and all that? This is just garbage.

Shame on me for viewing this site!

Comment by Kerry

fully agreed wid u kerry!gud job

Comment by neha hooda

Thanks for your super response Kerry…

I’m always happy to make someone who has no interest in cricket, so angry that they have to leave random comments on my blog.


Not during my spare time, lovely.. I do it at work, whilst I’m being paid.

As you say, it’s garbage, but a few of us love it a lot..

If you don’t care for it, don’t visit it, you crazy canuck!

Good day to you!

Comment by republiquecricket

I agree with Kerry… he is NOT wearing eyeliner!

Comment by Laura

Laura, you’re probably right.. He has such pretty eyes though..

Like a baby deer.

Unfortunately, in ODI’s, he bats like a deer in the headlights, which is rubbish!

Hope you enjoyed the site more than the crazy Canuck! (If you’re reading Kerry, that’s meant in the nicest possible sense).

Comment by republiquecricket

[…] Cricket | Tags: Alastair Cook, John Davison I recently created a post, which had a picture of Alastair Cook, for all the ladeez that search for him […]

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re the comment ; ‘So is this what you do during ur spare time? Spend ur time on the internet and write stuff making fun of people and all that? This is just garbage.

Shame on me for viewing this site!’

Surely the correct response to the above should be..’isnt writing a highly entertaining, to many people at least , blog in ones spare time slightly more justifiable than visiting cricket based blogs when you dont have any interest in the sport or the banter that goes with it and then pissing and moaning about them in your spare time?.. just a suggestion Kerry but perhaps dont click onto blog links that are quite clearly about cricket in the future..your sense of humours clearly not up to it..keep up the sterling work Mr Suave

Comment by paulmcdonald

Why thank you kindly Mr McDonald.. You’re a scholar and a gentleman…

Comment by Suave

Hope you don’t mind Suave but am just rummaging through your back catalogue – this picture of Alastair – is he cross-eyed or have you been feeding him the cocktail below rendering him glassy-eyed?

Comment by Ceci Masters

No of course not Ceci, welcome..

I think he’s probably been on the wacky backy like most teenagers!
Either that, or he’s in love with the photographer!

Comment by Suave

LOL… If all this is just for chilling, then is a succesful.
People, We have to try seeing the comic side of the things.
Nice pic, by the way. I have the same one but with hat include.=))

Comment by Flug

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