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Suave has the lurgy
February 5, 2008, 9:32 am
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Suave is sick. (In many different ways)

Suave is sleeping for 18 hrs a day.

Suave hasn’t seen any cricket, which makes Suave sad.

Suave read that we won the two warm up games, and the 20-20.  Which is nice.

Suave will be back soon..

Until then….


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A Lolcricket! yay! YAY!

Also, get better. Suave also seems to have contracted a bad case of third-person-itis.

Comment by Miriam

That was as much as Suave could manage this morning… But I saw your comments, and thought i’d knock something up quickly..

Suave has turned into a sociopath.
Oh Noes.

Comment by republiquecricket

Sleeping for 18 hours a day sounds like heaven to me.

Hope you feel better mate.

Comment by Miss Field

what does suave do in other 6 hrs? he takes rest coz he gets tired sleeping 18 long hrs!!

Comment by straight point

I think you may be one of very few, if not the only, purveyors of lolcrickets on all of the internets.

Comment by Miriam

I got bitten by a lolcricket one day, nasty stuff i ended up as sick as the nba rap star suave is, anyway thats what Uncle J rod thinks.

Comment by Uncle J rod

Greetings. The Village Cricketer is looking for nominations for the first ever ‘The International Village Cricketer Awards’. Categories include the Village Cricketer of the Year, Most Village Emerging Player of the Year and the Spirit of Village Award. It’d be great to get your thoughts posted at

Comment by thevillagecricketer

Suave’s feeling much better, thanks, but is sad, as he’s given his daughter the lurgy now 😦
Bless her cotton socks.

I think you may be right Miriam, I do appear to be the only purveyor of fine LOLCricketz in teh intarwebs!

Uncle J Rod, the cure for being bit by LOLCricketz is to get smashed on gin in teacups. that’ll cure it, fo’ shizzle.

Comment by republiquecricket

I wish to understand LOLcrickets.

Is it a post where Suave talks about Suave in the 3rd person?

Or is it where the word ‘haz’ is used?

Or is it simply a funny post involving cricket?

Comment by Mentalist


I refer you to the Internet wonder that is Lolcats…

Wiki Lolcats

It is an old phenomonen, where cute kitty’s and the like are given little phrases to make them appear cuter.

LOLcricket, is my little take on this..

Comment by republiquecricket

Bless you for asking the question Mentalist.

Although it has to be said, nothing can make a cat cute. It almost worked for KP though.
Hope your little girl gets better Suave.

Comment by Miss Field

Thanks Miss Field, she was much better this morning..
Nearly back to her cheeky best!

Comment by republiquecricket

There are also LOLvogues:

Comment by Miriam

I saw those the other day..

LOLeverythings, I say…

Comment by republiquecricket

Now that I get it, I’ve been thinking about this lolcricket. I’ve been imagining the captions being said in a dull German kinda accent. If it’s meant to be along the kitten lines… cutesey, I’m waaaay off. Works for me though.

Comment by Miss Field

It does work in a Schwarzenegger voice, but you can’t beat the cutesy kitty voice..

Especially on fatheads like Hayden

Comment by republiquecricket

Thanks for the explanation, I don’t get out of my cave much so must have missed the original craze.

I was imagining a Graeme Smith type accent.

Comment by Mentalist

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