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Symonds Vs Bhajji part MCMXXVI
January 29, 2008, 9:44 am
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Andrew Symonds

I am not a monkey, I am a killing machine!

Harbajhan Singh

I like big butts and I can’t deny!

One looks like he kills children for fun.

One looks like he has a dove of peace in his hand. (Probably why he was cleared!)

The only way to resolve all of this, is for the boys to meet in the car park for a scrap.

I know where I’m putting my money, how about you?

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thank god its over…or is it???

i think they both will be laughing standing in corner and saying look what we did and planning a sequel…

Comment by straight point

They will! I reckon they’re meeting with studio bosses now, to secure a lucrative movie deal, as we speak..

Maybe they could have a Bolly/Hollywood joint production.

Now that, I would pay to see!

Comment by republiquecricket

Put up a piece on my blog regarding Bhajji. Theres history, theology, race relations and a bit of cricket. Something for everyone really. Its titled- Sikh of Harbhajan?

Comment by Brad Griggs

By the way. I choose Bhajji. You would never ever bet against a Sikh in a fight. Your boys know all about that Suave from that little Indian expediton of yours in the 1800’s.

Comment by Brad Griggs

I think a caged jelly wrestling match is the only way to deal with this, and or, any situation.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

Brad, I’ve got a lot of Sikh friends actually, and I know they love a scrap. They’re similar to the Pathans (Irfan & Yusuf get their names from this ethnic group). Proper hard.
Love a fight, like swords.

Hand to hand, I’d go with Symonds.
If traditional weapons are involved, it’s anyone’s game!

J Rod. I love that. Bring out the jelly!

Comment by republiquecricket

You poms wern’t bad yourself back in the day. Ruthless killers. Whats happened since? Ah, the decline and fall of empire, sought of like our cricket team.

Comment by Brad Griggs

Too true..

Alas, the last two world wars, sort of ended it all.

As they say in space, The Empire Strikes Back…

Comment by republiquecricket

The Empire may have struck back, but in the end they were outwitted by Ewoks. Not a good look.

Comment by Miss Field

Better than electing jar jar binks as a politician.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

Yeah. sums it up quite well really.

Comment by Miss Field

There’s never any need for jar jar binks.

Comment by republiquecricket

It has to be Symonds. He’s one of the Hardest Cricketers Ever.

Comment by spunout

Jar Jar Binks is like the Barmy Army. Thinks it’s fantastic; annoying; only makes things worse; hated by its own kind; entirely superfluous.

Comment by Miss Field

I find it hard to bag the barmy army, when our version is called the fanatics.

Comment by Uncle J rod

They are rubbish, “The Fanatics”..
They don’t have a classically trained trumpeter, or a poor Jimmy Saville lookalike.

Comment by republiquecricket

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