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Shit on a stick, the Ferengi has gone!

Adam Gilchurch

I’ll be concentrating on my acting career.  Star Trek calls, dear hearts!

Adam Gilchurch

I’m a wanky wicky, but the best one y0u’ve ever seen!

Bye bye big ears. It’s been a blast.

I guess this means we’ll now have a Strayan team, that includes 11 bad sportsman, instead of the 10 they’ve had up til now.

You’ve got to admire Gilly for his attitude. The man even walked in a world cup semi-final.

All we need now is for Matthew Hayden to die in an industrial shredding accident, and I will be a happy man.

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Do any of the English kids walk?

Comment by Miss Field

We’re bally British! We swear an oath to the Queen, to never cheat. It’s not the done thing, old bean. What, what!

Some of the above statement, maybe untrue.

Comment by republiquecricket

That doesn’t really answer my question… at all… 😀

Comment by Miss Field

I understand your frustations, but can positively state, that none of the players in the England squad, would cheat an umpire.

Some or all of the above statement, may contain lies and misdirection.

Comment by republiquecricket

dfjklvb;erbnv;ubef;ouabnv’eoun ouebf;ouv;ofubgbore;ubfg!fshbguiorwebnuiogrebgojbsngjbre;ubna

yes, just that.

Comment by Miss Field

How many times did Prince Gilly the Honest ever walk anyway?

Comment by sportsfreak

Sportsfreak, that’s a very interesting question!

I might see if I can actually find out.

See how holy the god-botherer is!

Comment by republiquecricket

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