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Happy ‘Straya day

As it’s ‘Straya day tomorrow, I thought I would list some things that I love about the old colony..

Enjoy yourselves!

Kylie Minogue

My sister wishes she was this hot!

Elle McPherson

Hubba, hubba, hubba!

Natalie Imbruglia

I am torn, do I stay at work, or spend my days stalking you?!

Toni Collette

I want to marry Toni Collette!

Guy Pearce

Rack off Ramsey!


Ha ha, I wear kidz clothes, how wacky!

Rolf Harris

Can you see what it is yet?

Richie Benaud

Off white, or the bone today, Faye?

Stuart Law

bowling rocks, in the hot sun, I fought the Law, and the Law won!

The Twelth Man

“Gottim’! Yes! Piss off! You’re out! That’s fucked his average Tony!”


A couple of additions. Thanks Miss-Field

Cate Blanchett

Perfect.  That is all.

Tim Tam’s

Probably not as good as Penguins, but it’s close!

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You’ve missed a few things… Vegemite, Cate Blanchett, Powderfinger, lamingtons, and most of all, this…

Comment by Miss Field

I love Cate Blanchett, I met her at Claridges Hotel, Christmas 2006. Beautiful! Can’t believe I forgot her..
Vegemite, shit.
Marmite, Brilliant.
Powderfinger are rubbish, I know you aussies love them, but they annoy the shit out of me!
Lamingtons, I have no idea what this is?
Or that last fella? Who on earth is that?

I also forgot Tim Tams. Sucking coffee through a Tim Tam, beautiful

Comment by republiquecricket

You met Cate Blanchett? What was she like? Shit, this just isn’t on. Tim Tams are fabulous, good addition. Lamingtons are a plain sponge, dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut.
Go there and imagine the possibilities!

And that guy is our PM, Kevin Rudd… in a photograph that’s a reference to the last series of Doctor Who.

Comment by Miss Field

She was charming, and pretty. I nearly drooled on her.

Can’t do the Lamingtons.. I hate coconut.

Ah yes. The wanky wicky.

Comment by republiquecricket

The… what?

Comment by Miss Field

Someone once called me “coconut”, as an insult.

Comment by Miriam

Who care’s about actors. They are all socialists. And socialism is as dead as Heath Ledger.

Comment by Brad Griggs

miss field, that’s what i call wicket keepers. Wanky wicky’s.
Miriam, not the most witty name calling is it? You coconut.
Brad, there is more to life than cricket, not much, but there is. And not all actors are socialists. What about arnold, a republican governor of california.

Comment by republiquecricket

You are mesaging a 42 year old loser who has nothing else. Also Arnold is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Reagan was the last Cal. republican. I see parallel’s between his battle with the Soviet’s and mine with the Indian’s. Mr. Kumble declare youre innings!

Comment by Brad Griggs

Apologies for the spelling it’s 6am here.

Comment by Brad Griggs

Coconut = brown on the outside, you know the rest. It’s not witty.

Comment by Miriam

Ah Miriam, the stupidity of people who think they are clever in their insults never ceases to amaze me. In high school some boys were teasing my friend, called her Pappadom and told her she should go back to India. One of my friends pointed out to them the manner of their dickheadness, as she is actually from Sri Lanka. And they thought they were so funny.

Comment by Miss Field

People, huh? They’re the worst!

Right, I want the cricket to start now.

Comment by Miriam

I’m not sure I do 😛 Although we did get off to a fine start yesterday afternoon. 500 runs in five hours would be lovely.

Comment by Miss Field

Nick Cave, Richard Chee Quee, John Safran, father bob, afl, ned kelly, neil harvey, bob hawke, kasey chambers and Spicks and Specks.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

Nick Cave, nah, John Safran’s so ten years ago, Bob Hawke, YAY! (And Gough!) Kasey Chambers, vomit on toast. Spicks and Specks, I’m a bit over it, although I’m going to see it live later in the year. Ooooh Kath and Kim!

And sadly for the rest of the world, no one understands AFL except us. Which is a shame, because it is great.


Comment by Miss Field

Miss Field, i’m glad only we understand Afl.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

Crocodile Dundee Cake.

Comment by The Atheist

J Rod, I’m with you on the Nick Cave thing.. I’m loving Grinderman.
The rest i’m going to have to take your word for. Except AFL. That’s shit.
Also, Wolfmother should have been in with a shout.
Another one is Horse Stories. Beautiful Americana/Alt-Country.

Comment by republiquecricket

You’ve heard of Wolfmother? Ahahahaha funny. AFL is not shit, it is beautiful!

Comment by Miss Field

Of course I have.. I listen to them when I’m fighting imaginary Matthew Hayden.
AFL is still shite though, a poor mans Gaelic Football 😉

Comment by republiquecricket

Don’t you mean a convict’s Gaelic football?

Comment by Miss Field

Only when I’m feeling the vitriol..

I’m calm as a cucumber this evening!

Comment by republiquecricket

Good to know. Maybe Wolfmother has that effect on you.

Comment by Miss Field

Oh damn you, I’m listening to them now… have you been to the carnival??

Comment by Miss Field

Good.. Nothing like a bit of rock and roll to start the working week!
What carnival? Where Carnival? Why Carnival?

Comment by republiquecricket

Ahh it’s a public holiday here, I’ve got the day off. Yay.

Carnival…. er, from the song White Unicorn, by Wolfmother of course!

Comment by Miss Field

Damn you convicts!

Sorry, It’s 11.55pm, and the old grey cells are slowly dying.

Comment by republiquecricket

Magnificent comeback… I guess that means you don’t have a day off tomorrow. And you have to go to work…*hesitates for effect* Shame, I could exchange jibes with you all evening!

Comment by Miss Field

Well the vitriol seems to have returned!

Why thank you our kid, alas, one must retire, as I’m dying on my ass now.

Comment by republiquecricket

Your ass? You have a donkey? (Actually isn’t an ass an Aussie lass, missing its L?)

Sweet Haydos/Hoggy dreams.

Comment by Miss Field

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