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Ha Ha Hayden..
January 25, 2008, 12:54 am
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Had my boxing class tonight, which hurt like a motherf*cker.

My gym is on Haydon Street, which reminds me of the FatHeadFlatTrackBully, so was a great incentive to beat ten bells of shite out of the bag/pads!

The real reason for the post, is….


Hayden was shown at the beginning of todays Australia – India game, dropping Dhoni from last night, then missing one in the warm up.

The missed one, hit him square in the knackers.

Right on middle stump, that’s got to hurt.

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That’s a great photo.

Comment by Miss Field

I’ve been searching for a shot of him actually getting the crack in the knackers, but alas, my googlefu has failed.

Or it doesn’t exist.

Comment by republiquecricket

I just saw that footage! How I laughed.

Comment by Miriam

I will go to sleep a happy chappy tonight.

Comment by republiquecricket

Gaaah – Sachin so very nearly hit his wicket there. I would have gone to bed upset if that had happened.

Comment by Miriam

I know..

If he can see off Brett Lee, he’ll make hay again..

Comment by republiquecricket

I’d like to see Sachin get 200. But I’d also like us to win. It’s a conundrum.

Comment by Miss Field

Conundrum solved.

Comment by Miss Field

Indeed! A shocker of a shot to be honest.
Unfortunately, I now have the image of Brenda Hogg’s fat tongue in my head.

And it’s way past my bedtime, and I had a dream that he was trying to lick me last night.

Please don’t let that happen again.

Comment by republiquecricket

Yeah I’m at work so I have to make do with the cricinfo coverage.

Your dream sounds intriguing. Could you hear Matthew Hayden laughing, deep in your subconscious?

Comment by Miss Field

Not you as well!!

Someone else asked me if I was going to dream tonight that I was going to be the filling in s Hayden/Hogg meat sandwich.

I nearly puked

Comment by republiquecricket

Oh dear that’s so funny. You’re making an otherwise dull day rather amusing, cheers.

Tell me though, would that be worse than dreaming that you played for Australia? Does your manly pride overcome your national pride??

Comment by Miss Field

It’s a pleasure..

No, Manly pride comes first everytime.. I have no qualms dreaming of playing for Straya, but no man love with the bear and the tongue.

Comment by republiquecricket

You just know now you’re going to dream you score the winning runs in the fifth test at The Oval next year… for the convicts, and get a boo worthy of KP from your crazy Barmy Army. Yes I’ve got it all worked out for you.

Comment by Miss Field

I could happily die if the last thing i saw was Richie commentating a knock to the nuts.

Comment by Uncle J rod

Iv’e put up a post on my blog about Hayden and Slater. It’s called The Tale of Two Openers.
Haven”t seen the footage of Hayden getting hit so unfortunately it didn’t make my article.

Comment by Brad Griggs

Miss Field, fortunately, I dreamt of nothing last night.. So your attempts of having me score the winning runs for the Auld Enemy failed!!

Uncle J,
Unfortunately, I had the sound off, but he was on the team at the time. It was Richie, Bill and the pervert.

Comment by republiquecricket

I am not deterred!

Comment by Miss Field

I shall have to steel myself for a war of atrition!

Bring on the dodgy dream demons.

Comment by republiquecricket

The Tongue licks arse.

Whoops typo, that should be … The Tongue kicks arse.

Sleep tight, pleasant dreams.

Comment by Mentalist

Ah Mentalist, not you too!

Jesus wept, it seems I’ve got half of Australia wanting me to dream of sex with Bradley Hogg. Can’t it at least be a woman? Cate Blanchett will do!

Comment by republiquecricket

Cate Blanchett, nah, if you’d really rather a woman I curse thee with dreams of Kasey Chambers. Or Dame Edna. Good luck with that.

Comment by Miss Field

Kasey Chambers is no slouch.. I quite like the older country singing woman! I’m sure I could provide her with plenty of material for a new album.

My baby left me, for a day at the Oval.
He Loves them red balls, more than he does me.
I put my whites on, in the hope of some loving.

Dame Edna, is just wrong, and I shall purge that thought from my brain.

Comment by republiquecricket

…but I lost my man and the game, and now I have nothing.

Comment by Miss Field

I wanted to be bowled over like a maiden, but all I got was a duck.

Comment by republiquecricket

I lost my man in the crowd, I’m right out of luck.

Comment by Miss Field

[…] Matthew Hayden is still a bear like, orphan eating fuck head. He called Harbajhan Singh an “obnoxious little weed”, and then offered a gangly 19yr old to a boxing match.. ooh, tough guy! Proper school bully like, that. […]

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