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Well F*ck my old boots. Warne to become Knight of the Realm?!
January 22, 2008, 3:51 pm
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I’m a dirty little leggie, fancy a fuck?

According to news reports

Shane Warne could be in line for an honorary title from HM Queen Elizabeth II.

What with news of James Whittaker (Royal Commentator) getting a job with the ECB as a selector, and now this..

Cricket has gone right royally mad! (did you see what I did there, clever that..)

There’s hope for us all!

You can take drugs, cheat, screw around, lie like a bastard and generally fuck about, and still receive a knighthood..

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m all about the republic, I’d be in with a shot I reckon..

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I didn’t know they had gongs in Germany. I suppose he could be a Teutonic Knight.

Comment by The Atheist

Sir Herr Warne!

I quite like the sound of that..

Comment by republiquecricket

As if he isn’t unpopular enough in Australia as it is.

Comment by Uncle J rod

He’s probably more popular here, than he is in his place of birth..

But surely as a Victorian, you should be saying…

“he’s a Victorian and so am I… gettim’ up here I wanna boof him”

Comment by republiquecricket

I would turn gay for one cricketer, and he is dead, luckily for me.

Keith Miller.

Another Victorian who was more popular in the old dart.

Thats cause victorians are never loved at home.

Which is fair enough cause we are all @ssholes.

Comment by Uncle J rod

You telling me you’re not attracted to big Merv, with his Blue Oyster Club bangers? Come now Uncle J! You do yourself a disservice, with this hiding of your true man love feelings..

Da der der der der der… Da der der, da da, der da der..

“El Bimbo” performed by Jean-Marc Dompierre and his orchestra.

Comment by republiquecricket

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