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Please shut up already… Not you Andre, you’re stupid and funny!

I’ve been too busy at work and home to really knock anything of substance out, over the last couple of days.

There are two things that are boring my pants off today, and that is…

This Indian/Australian bullshit.  Can we stop now.  I mean right now, hey you! stop blogging about it, or I’ll cut your fingers off!

 This picture in no way makes me look homosexual..

 What I would like to say though, is happy birthday to Rahul Dravid.  He’s been in a shocking run of form recently, but seems to be finding his feet again.  It would be nice to see him end the tour of Australia on a high, and then smash the Saffers into the ground when they visit at the end of Summer.  

South Africa v West Indies.  Bloody hell, they’ve just declared 417 runs in front, with over three days to go..  This will be shit, unless Shiv can bat for a couple of days on his own. I expect this to last until the end of tomorrow, and they can all have a few days off, which will be nice.

 I’m a fat headed, flat track bully, and I worship at the shrine of Haydos!

Graeme Smith is almost as annoying as Matthew Hayden.  He actually looks as though he wants to be him.  He’s a flat track bully, and he’s got a beautiful girlfriend, so therefore must be hated by one and all.

I actually heard that he eats kittens and puppies for elevenses, the fat fuck.  At least Haydos has the balls to eat actual orphan children!  Oh dear god, I think whilst typing this, my hate for Matthew Hayden has fallen below that of Graeme Smith for the first time in history.  This can only end badly, with missing children, kittens, puppies and the four horseman of the apocalypse appearing on the horizon.

Run for the hills, is all I can say!

I don’t sniff my sisters panties, honest!

On a lighter note,

Andre Nel, however is wonderful, and I saw a great quote on by Rahul Bhattacharya

“I did not find Andre Nel offensive; I found him silly, endearing and entertaining. To take him seriously was to miss something”

As I’m sure Uncle J Rod at Cricket With Balls would agree with.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment, and it’s late friday afternoon.   I need beer and curry, or tea and crumpets. 

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Shiv would probably do that but the question is who’ll stand at the other end?

Ganga? Morton? Marlon?…nice names.

Comment by Soulberry

Cheer up Suave; there is the NZ v Bangles test about to start. Remember who you guys are playing next…

Preview at Sportsfreak

Comment by Sportsfreak

Soul brother, none of them fuckers are good enoug to hang around with Lord Megachief Of Gold! Maybe if Darren Sammy or Jerome Taylor can hang on, it will be OK.. But If I was a saffer, I’d be looking forward to a couple of days off!

Sportsfreak, stop it…
The only thing that tests, is my bloody patience..
Let’s hope that Tamim Iqbal, and Mohammed Ashraful can have a decent batting performance in the first innings this time.

Comment by republiquecricket

Tamim did alright in the last test, I thought. The boy’s 18. I like the cut of his jib. When I was 18, gosh, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Comment by Miriam

Alas, dear Miriam, young Tamim, and his other opener both fell in the teens, and at present the Bangles are 50-3, not a good start. Especially against the cack that is Chris Martin & Kyle Mills!

Comment by republiquecricket

I know… silly boys.

Jacob Oram bowling to Mushfiqur Rahim must be one of the biggest height mismatches seen in cricket.

Comment by Miriam

I checked my site, i have never said taufel was a probot.

Bloody media always mis quoting me, from now on all youll read on my blog is taking it one week at a time.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

It seems the lack of nicotine, is making my head a bit mental.
Uncle J Rod has NEVER said that Simon Taufel is a probot!

Comment by republiquecricket

Take some heroin, will calm you down.

Comment by Uncle J Rod

Jesus. I go away for a week and you’re making rash statements about Graeme Smith being worse than Matthew Hayden.

Think, man. Think!

‘Worse than Matthew Hayden’ is the very definition of an oxymoron.

Comment by King Cricket

Whoa there! Sorry, Suave, didn’t see your new site.

It’s sort of like an online (and cricket-obsessed) version of Viz. Which is good.

Graeme Smith. He’s sort a combination of all the worst bits of a South Africa, trying to develop the worst bits of an Australian. And succeeding.

Comment by The Atheist

It was only a momentary lapse, but Smith is definitely no2 on my Cricket hate list..

The Atheist, thanking you kindly.. If you have no objections, I will use that quote for my tagline, genius.

Comment by republiquecricket

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