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I don’t have Napolean Syndrome, and I’m not a cheat, honest!
January 7, 2008, 10:38 am
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I’m a straight down the line, upstanding, honest fella, I tells ya!

So Ricky Ponting has been officially called in to umpire the next match against India (if it goes ahead, that is)..

Why on earth, is Mark Benson asking that dishonest little twat?!

An example of why you don’t trust the Tasmanian Devil..

From cricinfo..

Ricky Ponting has been intent on umpires around the world taking the fielders’ word on low catches, but the rest of the international captains don’t want to go along with him.

Hardly surprising, you short arse, cheating, hair weave wearing, batting behemoth, little bastard!

This is a team of players, who constantly stand their ground, when they know they’ve edged (bar Adam Gilchrist, and even then his team mates give him shit about it). Claim catches, that they have grassed (Michael Clarke, i’m looking at you!! New Zealand & India in the space of a month, your mother must be proud), and appeal for decisions that any player of cricket, would know is not out.

I love Australians, as a rule. I’ve never met one that I didn’t get along with, but the way they play their cricket, makes the blood boil.

Maybe it’s because I’m off the tabs now,  but my mind is set to angry at all times.

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I’ve just read that back, and it is absolute shit.

I must stop posting on nicotine cold turkey.

Comment by republiquecricket

“Hardly surprising, you short arse, cheating, hair weave wearing, batting behemoth, little bastard!” – you have let yourself go.

BTW, I remember, when I quit smoking, I gained weight and my taste buds came back to life.

Are you experiencing something similar?

Comment by Ottayan

taste buds are getting there, but no weight increase, as I’m going to the gym to counterract it all!
It’s going OK so far, let’s see how it is in February…

Comment by republiquecricket

that he is hypocrite is established beyond doubt…but muttering they way he is revealing his ‘intelligence’ too…

as they say…

keep silence and let them think you are fool…than open your mouth and confirm it…

Comment by straight point

straight point..

Never a truer word said!

Comment by republiquecricket

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