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Mental Strength and Poor Umpiring
January 3, 2008, 10:53 am
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As an Englishman, who is quite used to our sporting teams blaming our ineptitude on any number of external influences, India seem to be far beyond that at present..

They have allowed a couple of dubious decisions to disentegrate them mentally, to the point that the last four Australian wickets, scored 330 runs.

Blaming the umpires for this, is absolute shite.. They have allowed themselves to become negative, and to get in to the now regular mindset, of woe is me.

Instead of pressing home the advantage, when they had Australia on the ropes at 134-6, they capitulated, royally!

If you look at the figures of Andrew Symonds innings, he ran 50 singles, 11 two’s and 2 three’s.

Brad Hogg scored 19 singles, 7 two’s and 2 three’s.

Australia were playing shots straight to cover and running!  How do they do this?  They do it, because they know that the Indian fielding is of such a piss poor standard, that they assess the risks, and decide the chance of them being run out to a quick single, is much less than the threat of the fielders in the inner ring.

As Boycott would say, his mother could field better than this lot.

Yuvraj Singh, who looks like a wondeful fielder in ODI’s. looks like a lazy, good-for-nothing plodder, in this form of cricket. Little prince, my arse.

If you want to win test matches, learn to field, bowl tight lines, apply pressure, and stop the negative mentality.

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Your observation on Yuvraj- on the button.

Comment by Ottayan

Thanks Ottayan..

I love the man in pyjama cricket, but in white’s he’s sullen, and annoying.
I’d rather have Dinesh Karthik there to be honest.

Comment by republiquecricket

i am of the view that he is a pretender in test cricket…i am saying it despite the fact that i am his fan…i think he lacks the intensity and seriousness for the long terms game and may be management spotted this and thats why his less experienced colleague was handed over the captaincy…

by the way, suave, i have blog rolled you in my blog…i hope yo wont mind my advances…

Comment by straight point

Of Course I don’t mind, Straight Point.. I’ve also returned the favour..

Comment by republiquecricket

Good observations… the fact that they let the tail get away has cost them a lot.

Comment by Scorpicity

Too true Scorpicity…

Let’s see whether they can keep the Aussie’s away for another day, and that might be in a position to save the game..

Unfortunately, they rarely fail to press home their superiority, which is why we all hate them so 😉

Comment by republiquecricket

thanks suave for favor…

yuvraj failed with the bat too…while gangly showed the way and sachin his class…the honor of the day goes to bhajji…the way he batted and controlled his aggression was remarkable…when he came india was staring at around 100 run lead…makes his innings more special…

all in all a good day for india!!

Comment by straight point

It was a very good day for India, the disappointment is Little Prince, Dhoni failing again, and dear old saurav giving his wicket away again…
But, I shall be staying up late tonight, to watch the morning session, let’s hope they can take a few early on..

Comment by republiquecricket

very interesting.
i’m adding in RSS Reader

Comment by music

Why thank you bengo-music, I’m much obliged.

Comment by republiquecricket

God damn Matthew (fucking balding prick) Hayden!
I can’t believe he admitted Australia were playing for a draw as they are 2-1 up in the series.
I thought the air of invincibility that surrounded them meant ‘They couldn’t lose’ when in fact they are all chicken shits scared of losing the game and only drawing the series therefore not being the ‘ bollocks’ as they obviously think they are.
All I can say is I hope their fucking chicken shit plan backfires and India well and truly shove up their proverbials……

Comment by Bas Vegas Lee

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